About Us Cafe Selfie Land

We are a trendy cafe that offer a basket of exquisitely crafted desserts. With our coffees, thousands celebrate themselves with their selfies, lovers express their profound affection for each other, old pals chat over their nostalgia, strangers strike memorable conversations & colleagues at work brainstorm creative solutions.

Awesome Flavour

One of the most awesome things about coffee is how well its complex flavor combines with other foods and drinks. The flavor of coffee has been added to all sorts of foods and drinks including sweets, cake, ice cream and chocolates.

Totally Hygienic

Personal hygiene and machine cleanliness will not only ensure that your cafe is socially acceptable and medically safe but your coffee will taste better too.

Great Discount

Have you think about a great cup of coffee in a very cheap rate, yes you heard it right! We at pic give you great discount for your desired cup of coffee.

24x7 Open Service

How about having coffee late night, early morning or whenever you want. Your pic is open 24x7 for you. We are please to serve our customer.

Well Behaved

A very attractive part of our cafe is that we behave very sweetly with our customers. Services by our cafe is overwhelming.




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Cold Coffee

Feel the aroma and taste the hot drink made from the roasted beans.


A thick fritter of fried dough usually topped with cinnamon and sugar and served with a chocolate sauce.


A beverage made up of milk, ice-cream along with flavoring and blended until foamy.


A light crisp cake made of batter and baked in a waffle iron, taste like sugary plate.



A place for something special. If you are looking for a place to have a coffee so pic is the best place. Good food and great service. Have been there for just coffee, coffee and cake, light lunch and family birthdays.


We have been their occasionally for coffee and snacks. Always friendly and great food with stunning outlook.


As usual the lovely people here look after everyone with a smile and the fresh aroma of coffee just made your day. Such a special place to enjoy awesome coffee.